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Let's Talk...Overthinking

Hey lovely people! I know it’s been a minute since you’ve heard from me, but I’m definitely still here! Senior year of high school, college applications and everyday life has been pretty tricky to navigate lately, which I’m sure so many of you can relate to. With these struggles, definitely comes overthinking. I know that for myself, stress for me is directly connected to my overthinking. A lot of times, if I stressed about one thing, I will overthink the things that I’m not stressed about, does anyone else do that? It’s almost like when certain things feel unsure in your life, your mind questions everything else as well. If you’re anything like me, overthinking is so frustrating and you wish your mind would just stop sometimes. Trust me, I know.

Now, while I’m here to tell you about some of the ways I am able to shut my mind off, I’m also here to tell you that overthinking is a normal part of life. Most people, on any given day, and for any given reason, overthink something. This is normal. I promise. The hardest part is when it starts to spiral, and you can’t stop overthinking. This spiral is dangerous because if you allow yourself to overthink every little thing, that’s when it can feel as though your mind is too loud. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you feel like this. You may be like, Kaitlyn what do you mean, you are saying that even though you have literally no idea who I am. That’s correct, that’s exactly what I’m doing. You know why? Because if I told you there was something wrong with me just because I’m stressed and overthinking what would you say? If your immediate response would be “no there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you” then use that same kindness on yourself. We are all human, aka we aren’t perfect by any

means, and we all need to give ourselves the kindness we deserve.

With that little note of self-love being said, I want to share some of the ways I can get my overthinking under control. The first way is to go and do something. Sometimes doing simple tasks is enough, but usually, for me, it isn’t. What I do is go and do one of my passions, such as climb or sing. Doing these things distracts me from everything else going on, and really helps me to get my overthinking under control for a good period of time. Usually, when I’m done with whatever I decide to do, the things I was thinking about prior I’m either not thinking about at all anymore, or seem much less important all of a sudden. Sometimes the thoughts are still there, and when they are, I just acknowledge that they are there and I don’t do anything to fuel these thoughts, I just let them sit.

Noticing thoughts that are causing you to be stressed, or are being caused by your stress, is very important. Knowing yourself well enough to know how you react in certain situations, such as when you may start overthinking, is very important as well. By knowing yourself, you will be able to find the ways that work for you to calm you down, and you may even be able to control the thoughts altogether or prevent yourself from getting into a situation that causes you to overthink.

Another way that I am just starting to use to control my thinking is thinking but in a different way. If you are struggling and stressed about the bad things in your life right now, try and stop thinking about those for a second, and think about everything you do have. Take a deep breath and list out loud, or in your mind, all the things that you can think of that make you happy, and that you love/love to do. Someone I love recently told me to try this, and at first, I didn’t think it would work, but immediately after I started doing this I felt a huge difference in my mood. Instead of feeling stressed and tense, I felt more calm and capable. Trust me, this really works if you are starting to spiral because by saying all the good things in your life, you are preventing that spiral by preventing your mind from overthinking the good things in your life.

Those are the two ways that I find work the most for me when dealing with stress and overthinking. I would really encourage all of you reading this to give these methods of self and mind relaxation a try. If anyone has any other ways that they find helpful when dealing with these issues, please don’t hesitate to email me and let us know, because we are all works in progress, and who isn’t looking for another way to relax their mind?

With all that being said, I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day, and also feel free to reach out if either of these strategies works for you! As always, we love you guys!

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