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Lets Talk ....Adulting.

When you think being an adult, what do you think of? I had always imagined it would go something like high school graduation to college dorm rooms, maybe recreational sports, a part time job until I graduate college and then I would have the right job, meet Mr.Right, we would find the right house and have kids and own a dog or two. The did NOT happen for me.

Not saying that can't happen but Adulting is HARD. It's the overwhelming stress of bills, how do I cram my studies, what the heck am I doing in college, really the list could go on. Somehow somewhere this "normal" and "perfect" life is what we think we will get. Reality, we forget that we fail classes, we forget about the electric bill, you miss you alarm, you make your boss mad, the world goes through a pandemic. This is called life and there is no wrong or right path. The best part is, we do not have to "adult" by yourself.

So what can you expect from Let's Talk Adulting? Not feeling alone, a sound board, tips and tricks, really reading our stories of what we have or are going through in life. I won't lie, it isn't all pretty and it sure isn't easy. In no means are we doctors, health coaches, or teachers, heck we don't even have a degree. With that being said, we know the feeling of loneliness, unheard, violated, grief, expectance, bliss, love, gratefulness, happiness and so much more.

Wether you are pouring a glass of wine, maybe even a beer, or popping open a soda can. Grab your go to snacks, maybe some tissues, get ready to laugh, cry and drink with us. We hope to connect and reach out to those who feel at more times than none, alone. Cheers!

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