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Lets Talk .... New Routines

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Just when you think you got it handled, you realize you don't. I made a plan, had an idea, created a routine in my head only to see that it didn't fit. I think it is fair to say, you can plan, prepare, analyze key points and project outcomes but you will never be prepared enough until the ball gets pushed into play. That's right, to be honest readers, we have missed you! Kaitlyn Guay and I have been in constant communication. We are still in love with the idea, love the aspect and have great plans for this blog. So friends, Lets Talk New Routines.

Something I have been needing to do, and this girl deserves, a quick Appreciation Shoutout. Kaitlyn Guay, she has been busy with school, college essays (more to come), and everyday self-positive love and care. She still is here for many little things, a great listener, a great planner and honestly so glad she is a part of LTA! We wouldn't have even published the website if it wasn't for her!! I did a podcast and thanked my sister for the OG plan and the run with it, but ULTIMATELY, KG has been able to help write, through in color details, edit our website when I got frustrated, and even brought me back down to reality when needed. As she is striving to do her best in her community, and during these crazy times she is still so supportive of LTA, and I know she can't wait to get on her and bring you some consistent advice and help, or whatever you may need in a blog. (PS, Thanks KG for being an OG, and helping this come together!!)

So what is new?? Recently changed jobs, a bigger role of responsibility, and also trying to keep grounded with things I can control. Meaning, taking the time to de-stress, making sure I am eating properly ( I tend to stress out I stop eating), making sure I am moving my body, getting fresh air, taking the time to not be glued into social media, pumping those endorphins in my body (but not over exercising). I have the habit of letting my mind jump down a rabbit hole of over analyzing, over thinking, being hard on myself, and frankly tearing myself down I end up full on depressed. I felt guilty when I was here on LTA - to bring positive change, spread something meaningful and show how to make the light out of dark. I gave myself an unrealistic exception that I wasn't going to be negative, post or write, anything negative without some type of positive turnaround. The more I have thought about that and the more I tore myself down for not showing up the more I realized I created an unhealthy concept.

Clearly, crap will happen, $^!% will hit the fan, it can put you in a funk. NOTHING is wrong with that, in fact that is "normal". There is no wrong, no right way, there is only a - you way. Emotions are human! (You know I had to get a cliche saying in here, right??) Life changes, new friends, old friends, moving, changing jobs/careers, doing a different activity, I mean really change is inevitable.

Going back to routines, you can try and prepare yourself for what it will look like on the other end, there is no telling what or how things will hit you. Energy or less motivated, will you still have the mental capacity to entertain friends every Friday, what about family and holidays. I mean really no need to start the list, it's exciting at first when a routine changes, right?? Then it gets real weird and nerve racking, and before you know it you feel like you are losing but incoming you get a "way to go" moment of I DID THIS, and IT WORKS, confidence boosted that you weren't crazy for changing things up. Basically, don't settle for that instant gratification crap. But that is a different discussion and a different blog post.

I have been dying to get on here, let you friends and family know how much we appreciate the support and still standing by us, as individually we are trying to stay a float in our personal life without hurting our core value in the LTA!

Until next time friends (hopefully, sooner than later)!!

- Cheers!!


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