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Lets Talk.... Physical Therapy and Podcast things.

Spooky season is upon us, What I need to know is when did that become a phrase? First thing is first, HELLO to the new month! A month of getting closer to the year, with more hope for brighter things ahead. With that being said, if you haven't heard "Lets Talk Adulting" on Sis Stop Podcast, go give them and us some extra love. As you know the youngest Kaitlyn and I have been tag teaming on blog topics, trying our best to rotate weekly on different subjects. Meanwhile, my sister, Kaitlyn Veach, has been momming so hard. Her and I have talked so much about how to share this, when to share this, and even if this was going to be something we should/would share. After all, our personal life still needs to be protected and we look to share our life story on our terms, that goes for all of us at Lets Talk Adulting. Here we go, in acting they say "break a leg". Well, to take it out of context, I have never dealt with a broken leg, in fact, I have never (knock on wood) broken a bone. So how does this and Sis Stop Podcast tie together?? Well friends, lets talk physical therapy and podcast things.

I always thought myself lucky to not have a broken bone, and to go so long in life without breaking a bone. From what I heard as a kid, you break a bone and you heal quicker, depending on how serious the break is? I don't even know what that actually means.

Unfortunately, my nephew didn't jump out a tree, or fall down the playscape, he didn't front flip, or do something wild to get him into a cast. Without getting buried into details and doctor notes, this will be a surface talk. Picture a 3 year old boy, in a body cast. Being told he can't go outside and play hard like his cousins or his school friends. Picture a 3 year old boy basically not able to play like the others. Now, picture the mom of this 3 year old boy being told numerous heartbreaking details about her son, what life might look like, what life could like with a series of surgeries and hospital visits. Now, picture the same mom also being told a series of surgeries will happen for her 9-month old son. WTF!! Right, like what the actual F***!! Eventually, she will share her story when the time is right. Reasons like this is what keeps both of us wanting to share our lives. The feeling of being alone in something, the feeling of I am not sure how to handle this, the feeling of I am supposed to have my shit together, figured out and #winning in life.

I won't share or write much details, because this isn't my story to tell. I can't imagine nor can I understand the feelings, the stress, hospital visits, doctors, the everything that comes along on top. What I can share is the hurt, the pain in the voice, the I want to cry but I have to be strong factor. I hear it almost every day in her voice.

My nephews will go into surgery October 19th. During the month of October we would LOVE if you could help us support The Permian Basin Group. This link here provides several ways you can give back. Please help us help others, for the parents but mostly for the kiddos. Don't feel pressured to give as we know times are hard, just know even positive thoughts are greatly appreciated. We hope as time goes on, we can share this story with more details. As time goes on, we hope to help reach more organizations and help in more places than our own. Sometimes you have to fill your cup in order to fill others. You know I had to throw in a cliche quote, it wouldn't be Lets Talk Adulting with cliche to go along.

So let's brighten it up just a tad. If you caught Sis Stop, you'll hear us laugh about how it took a silly pandemic to actually make things happen and jump start the blog. We laughed and threw cans and cups out the car window! HA! We are beyond so THANKFUL that Sis Stop let us jump on a podcast episode. We even dipped into more goals we hope to expand with Lets Talk Adulting. I can't rave enough about Sis Stop podcast and how the host gets real and raw heck sometimes I play episodes over and over. For me its like yeah, for those of you in the back, you need to hear this a little louder!!

We have big things planned for you ahead, we promise to keep you updated on surgeries as best as we can! We are so grateful and thankful for those of you who show up and read our blogs, we enjoy getting the DMs of encouragement, the emails of appreciation. As always friends, CHEERS!!

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