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Lets Talk .... Road Rage!!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Hellloooo!! Blinker Sir!! EVERY car has one!! Excuse me!! How do you NOT see me?!?! KAREN what are you thinking!!!! ....Lets talk road rage, should we?? I claim to be one of the best day drivers I know. HA! I also feel everyone claims to be the best driver. But keyword, I am the best day driver because night driving is NOT my jam on unfamiliar roads. Also, my excuses is that it wouldn't be fair to the world if I was the best day and night driver because that would be taking away from others. So... road rage, how do you control it, how do you fix it, what do you do when you experience it?? 

For me, you bet I yell and I scream at that Karen! (Karen, if you are reading this I am sure you are a nice person but it's just the cliche saying..unless you are an actual Karen..) I decided, why hold in my anger?? Why not release it and call the freakin idiot an idiot because they clearly didn't see my blinker as I was turning and also decided to turn at the same time in the opposite direction. Do I honk my horn? Sometimes. But you bet I am THAT person that yells at you for changing lanes in the middle of an intersection under a green light. READ that rule book buddy! 

I've been told, “now now there is no need to get upset”. Well that is fine and dandy but I wouldn't be upset if they would just go the speed limit, use a blinker, and not drive up so close to the back of my car. BASICS people, BASICS! Getting back to my point, I release my anger in my car yelling and screaming because at least I get mad at them and then that negative energy removes itself from my body. I am happier because even though that other driver couldn't hear me, it made me feel better. Some people would argue "that is instant gratification and that does you no good". Sweet friend, you are absolutely right, I yelled at them, mumble mumble and grumble grumble, but then I continued singing my song or laughing along to a podcast and my day moved on. I clearly have those incidents where I can remember second by second but also it's made me more aware of other drivers. In a weird way, I’m now expecting the other drivers to NOT be the world's greatest driver and possibly cause an accident. Again, I don't look for the negative, it's just basic paying attention to the road and being aware of others and other drivers who might be distracted. 

Those of you who don't get angry at others while driving, props to you. You are what I call a magical guru, a unicorn just frolicing in the concreted jungle. Seriously, amazed! Never had an issue or at least never let someone get to you to the point where you had to just let out "HELLO ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?!?!". Again, I’m wowed.

On a serious note, I really do applaud people who are not road rage enthusiasts like myself. I am not saying I go looking to pick a fight with a BMW driver and honk my horn and point to my blinker saying “hey buddy, your blinker, you have one, use it”. Again, not big into honking unless.... You are THAT driver, parked, at the end of the street, right in a turning left lane, no hazards or blinkers just parked. You don't even bother to wave the person behind you to let them know you have no plans to move. WHY?!?! Why even leave your driveway. Serious palm to face gif, that's right, not even an emoji but a gif. 

I'd be a hypocrite if I sat here and said road rage is awful and there are better things to focus on in life. At the same time, I would rather have a road rage event then something worse. Yes, everyone gets cut off at some point in their life of driving and there are many reasonable ways to react. I feel like yelling in that moment makes me feel better but I let it go, laugh at it later and forget it ever happened. I feel like I also never dealt with road rage until after I was in a car accident, then it was a constant checking my rearview mirror and mumbling “sure pal, go ahead get reallll close psh if you hit me I’m going to throw my empty starbucks cup at you”.

Mini story, I really did get rear ended with a full brand new starbucks drink. Coffee went flying everywhere, the ceiling of my car, in my hair, down my pant leg, and the person who hit me.... She didn't have car insurance and just walked away from the wreck, left her car sitting there and was like well someone can have it. Meanwhile, I was sitting there with whiplash and was hit so hard I ended up hitting the lady in front of me. I also ended up having to get a ride in the ambulance because my head rest ended up releasing into the back of my head. So yep, I get angry when someone gets too close and I will holler at someone for not using a blinker because I have already been hit.  This is not to say that I don't speed, or I don't wait a full 30 seconds at a stop sign (whatever that rule is Karen..), but I do practice safe driving habits, and it’s the people who are truly just reckless drivers that get to me in the moment.   

Let me just say to you all, road rage, car honking, or magical unicorn guru frolicing on the gravel

road. We all have a purpose of getting from point A to point B safely. So feel free to callout Karen for not using her blinker, she can't hear you anyways. Or stay in that right lane for more relaxed driving.

 Cheers friends!! 

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