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Lets Talk .... Waxing!!

Sorry guys, this might be a girls only post!  We won't be talking about car wax or what type of polish to use on that (insert some cool fancy model car you really like) to make it shine, go fast or protect your car. Lets Talk .... Waxing! 

I am not really sure what age body hair becomes noticeable, the unibrow, the armpit hair, the leg hair, I mean you get it. What I can say is, it takes a certain type of person to do waxing, and to continue with waxing. I wish I knew what the other options feel like, example, scrubbing, laser hair removal, threading, or whatever else and other procedures you can go about for removing those unfriendly hair follicles. 

Pshh, if anyone knows how to just make them go away, please, PLEASE inbox us! Now, to get back on the weird maybe gross subject, waxing. It HURTS! There is no dancing around it, the first time hurts and then it's like the rest of the times you go after hurt just as much, but in a weird way because you know the pain is going to come.  It does get a little less painful as you continue with it, but still!  Again, no expert here by any means! So when is the right time to start waxing? Whenever you want, but go see someone that is a licensed esthetician! This is a wax going onto your skin pulling out a hair follicle, so make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing! But UGH!! This is one of those things that I wish was a little more controlled and had higher requirements (not saying the person necessarily) just the ingredients in wax, the whole 9 yards really.   

Okay, so getting back to the topic at hand, knowing the person who does your waxing. HAHA, is that even a thing?? Well for a good hairdresser, it takes you time to find the person that makes your hair goals come true and hair dreams on a next level. Right?? Basically the same concept

here. Don't be afraid to tell your person, umm you missed a spot, or OUCH - that wax was hot! If they don't know how hot the wax is, please just leave - nope nuh-uh they should not be burning their customers on wax. Just Sayin’! On the subject of wax, watch your skin reaction, or even ask "hey how clean or good is this wax?" I use to be able to pop into random places and get a quick, cheap wax, but once you have 1 bad reaction then it turns waxing into a pain. I don't do franshies, (again not wrong) but 1 bad time and I haven't been able to go back. Plus why not support local businesses?? I LOVE the place I currently go. If I am having any skin issues, breakouts, rashes, irritations, anything in general this place goes out of their way to make me feel knowledgeable and comfortable in what I am buying no matter my budget! 

Every time I get my eyebrows done, my eyes still tear up. Not to the point of pain, but it’s still just a sensitive spot even though it’s not ‘hurting'. Waxing is a "you don't know until you try it” type of thing. Some people just can't stand the idea of waxing, and go other routes, and there is nothing wrong with doing you. 

I also feel, waxing is one of those things like high heels, you do it even though it's uncomfortable because it makes you feel good and look good. Again, there are other ways to go about removing unwanted hair. To continue being cliche like, waxing is either for you or it's not for you. 

Maybe you laughed at this, maybe you teared up because you know that pain of hearing a wax stripped being ripped off your skin and pulling every single microcell out. Maybe you don't know and would like to know. Curiosity bit the cat, and in this case bit Katt. Until next time friends, CHEERS to being a girl or guy and experiencing that waxing pain of OUCH in the many different areas of your body, thinking never again, and yet you show up the next 4-6 weeks to get waxed all over again. Beauty doesn’t always have to mean pain, but in this case it sure is!  The fact that we go back means it’s worth it. 

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