• Kaitlyn Guay

Lets Talk.... The little things.

Hey beautiful people! Today I wanted to just jump right in and talk about something special... the little things. I feel we don't mean to, but we get so wrapped up in our own worlds that we ignore the little things, or don’t notice them. I’m not talking about the little things that annoy you, because we all certainly notice those. No, I’m talking about those moments that make you stop and smile, the moments that make you happy on the inside, and make you feel special.  In a busy life, these are the moments we should live for because if you’re not looking for these precious moments, you could miss out on them.  

With that being said, the little things don’t even have to happen to you.  I mean, you can see someone else helping another person out of kindness, and that little moment can affect you.  I’m sure many of you, at some point in your life have been having one of those "UGH" days, and then see something that makes all of the dark blurries turn into warm fuzzies that creates an instant smile! The other day it was a rainy, and rainy day tend to put me in a “rainy” and sad mood. Here I was driving along, and I just happened to look over and on the side of the road I saw a couple, young 70s, dancing in the rain.  It was honestly the sweetest “from a movie” moment and it just left me smiling the whole way home. The point to this little story? If you allow yourself the ability to notice the world around you, you will see the beauty that exists in it.

I also have to share this moment that just means so much to me. It’s the smallest moment, but a little story that gives me those warm butterflies of happiness. I was heading to go workout, and I had another one of "THOSE" rough gritty days.  I parked my car and made my way to the door, almost consumed by my own thoughts, and I came across a hurt Monarch butterfly in the middle of the parking lot.  Without really thinking about it, I picked it up, took it over to the grass and set it down. When I see butterflies I always feel that they look so beautiful and so innocent.  As I placed it on the grass, a lady came out of the gym and asked “Awe is that a butterfly? You’re helping it? That’s so beautiful.”  In that moment I knew I could have easily been so focused on my own struggles that day, walked past it, and not experienced this little moment. I could have never made myself happy, made myself smile, or made someone else smile with me.  I believe that while you are the only person who has to live your life, your life goes beyond yourself.  

Have you experienced happiness from the little things in life lately?  Think about it.  Has something small really made you happy lately?  If yes, I’m so happy you have had that experience.  If no, I want you to ask yourself this tough question.  “Am I too focused on certain aspects of my own life?”  It’s amazing to have goals, and it’s amazing to be focused, but you don’t want to be so focused that you can’t see the rest of the world around you, and the beauty it has to offer. You are in control of your life, and this could be a wake-up call to take a step back from everything for a moment and breath.  

If you’re too focused on the path ahead, it’s really hard to enjoy the life you’re living now.  Trust me, I get it.  For a while, I felt like time was just flying by and I had a hard time really enjoying the special moments.  This is normal! By starting small, paying attention to the world around you, and stepping back every once in a while to see that, you will see more beauty, and that’s all any of us can do.  I'm now able to fully enjoy the short walks on the beach with my family and friends. Those small, sometimes rushed hugs are more special. I can enjoy the moments, the little things.

Please share with me some of the little things that have made you happy lately! I get that you can feel you have no moments to cherish, or nothing small to be grateful for, but if you think about it, I know for a fact there is a least one moment, one person, one thing that you cherish. Live with that cherish and thankfulness in your small moments, and I hope we all can enjoy the little things, because what is life without them?

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